Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Its been a while

Its been a while since I have posted anything, so I thought I would just put a few pictures of my wonderful boys. We went to the Okefenokee swap a few weeks ago, which everyone loved and we have been playing in our yard a ton, which is awesome.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Miles' hair

We have since cut Miles hair, but I just had to put this picture of his long beautiful hair on here. I loved his long hair, but it was getting a tad long.

Snow storm

We had our second snow of the year and had a great time playing outside. Miles kept saying the snow is going to get really big isn't it? We had to tell him it wasn't going to get very big. But the kids had fun even with just the little bit we got. Rhett brought out his snowboard and took a couple of runs down the yard, but mostly it made a great sled for the kids.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gracie's Birthday

We made a quick trip to Statesboro for Gracie's birthday party. It was so fun to be all together and Miles loved being with his cousins. It was just a day trip, but luckily they will be here for Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Boys

Miles and Maddox are so stinkin' cute!

We love the fall

We had a wonderful time raking the leaves and jumping in them all afternoon. Miles was a little hesitant at first to actually jump all the way in, but after Rhett through him in a few times he warmed up to playing in them. Maddox didn't love the leaves, but liked playing outside with everyone. Fall has been so beautiful, I am sad to see the leaves go.

Happy Halloween!

Miles LOVED Halloween. Rhett, Miles, Maddox and I were all skeletons. Miles has always had a really hard time putting on costumes, but the skeletons PJ's were right up his alley. Miles loved every minute of trick or treating. Rhett also liked dressing up and really liked painting his face and scaring everyone.